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Bakersfield's underground tunnels: Fact or Fiction? in the Fall 1985 edition of Search magazine, a high-ranking but unnamed Naval officer told of the discovery of a huge network of tunnels under portions of the West Coast of the U.S. Members of the McMartin family, who operated a preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, were charged with numerous acts of sexual abuse of children in their care. Maxwell’s Restaurant off 17th Place east of Chester Avenue, a large basement narrows into a tunnel-like structure that runs west toward Chester. We thought maybe we could do that here as well,” said Brady S. Bernhart, a member of the commission looking into the tunnel question. The nuclear Subterrene build tunnels up to 40’ in diameter; as they work the rock it is melted into a hard, glassy tunnel lining.Fully filtered air-intake shafts bring fresh air to the tunnels & underground facilities. Older, Tunnels also connect the wineries north of Napa, used for white slavery and mind-control. In the vicinity of Hardy & Cherokee Village--36° 19′ N., 119° 29’ W. Taken under white hat control during hurricane Dorian.Pine Bluff–34° 13.4′ N., 92º 01.0’ W. to 34º30′ N., 92° 30’ W. Copyright © 2020 — The Commander. Not just wines. Six years later in the fall of 1910, a headline in The Californian read, “Sheriff’s posse raids thirty-one opium dens,” and another from 1922 reported that police conducted a “tunnel raid on a gambling joint” at 720 18th St. in new Chinatown, a district that ran west from about R Street, between 17th and 18th streets. On my free time I enjoy running, swimming and reading books. Lum, now in his early 70s, remembers as a child going to the old temple, or joss house, for seasonal and cultural events. But these days the tunnel dead-ends after 12 or 15 feet. That door leads down to the music studios and tunnels. FORT HUACHUCA, ARIZONA - Had and possibly still does have a large underground and tunnel system that is occupied by a Top Secret communications and cryptography unit. And it’s not for lack of trying. It seems the tunnels of Bakersfield are no more. Some downtown basements have brick arches that may have once been entrances to tunnels or additional underground vaults. And that’s where The Californian’s research appears to be leading as well: toward a dead-end. “Everybody always asks me that and I don’t know where they get it! Napa Valley- located at Oakville Grade north of Napa, CA. Bangladesh Professor: Daughter’s Fury Over Slaughtered Father, Sinead O’Connor Missing: Pop Singer Found in US, Senate OKs Bill to let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia. Most of the so-called tunnels, some argue, were simply extended basements that were sometimes connected to neighboring basements. Just cellars,” he was quoted as saying. I’m sure they had them in the eighteen hundreds, but I never (saw any).”. The King Eddy Saloon on 5th and Main converted their aboveground premises into a fake piano store, while patrons enjoyed their real wares belowdecks. The Presidio, Spielberg, et al; the Bakersfield underground tunnels, etc. Find the Best Bakersfield, CA Underground Tunnels on Superpages. Wilson responded to an “exhortation” published in the newspaper a few days before to “clean out the tenderloin,” a section of old Chinatown that Wilson asserted was “detrimental to the character of the residents and demoralizing to both public and private virtue in its influence.”. Oh bakersfield. Now add the mystery of the possible existence of Chinese tunnels hidden in downtown Bakersfield and you have yourself a real weird place, where Buck Owens country music and KoRn nu-metal rock often comes second to tales of mystery. Original Story | The Bakersfield Californian As a former radio newscaster I followed all these stories throughout Calif. Spielberg bought a big piece of land near SF. Napa Valley–located at Oakville Grade north of Napa: Tunnels also connect the wineries north of Napa, used for white slavery & mind-control, Direct Satellite Communications, Laser Communications. Stories of mysterious tunnels have snaked beneath the surface of the history of downtown Bakersfield for 150 years. “Newspapers,” Gia wrote, “speculated that he’d fled through a tunnel.”, About a year and a half later on Sept. 8, 1904, a headline in the Bakersfield Daily Echo read, “Two blocks swept by great fire.”, And in a style of reporting that made it painfully clear how little value was afforded the lives of local Chinese immigrants, the subhead continued, “William Silver and a Chinaman burned.”. But do these tunnels actually exist? Bakersfield Tunnel Structure. “We never found any (tunnels), he was quoted as saying. -- Six miners were entombed this morning by the caving of a shaft leading to the big steel pipe conduit which passes through a mountain 2000 feet at a high angle in the Kern river canyon, at Camp No. It seems the Historic Preservation Commission’s hopes of mapping and even developing Bakersfield’s legendary downtown tunnels have hit a cave-in. network of tunnels, with super velocity trains, linking secret underground bases. “There was no tunnels. Broadcasting & Media Production Company. I don’t know where they are! But the tunnels under Merry Go Round Antiques are newer tunnels, built after the great Bakersfield fire of 1889. “Maybe in old Chinatown they may have had (doors between basements), but in new Chinatown, it wasn’t like that.”. But this is where it gets interesting, tunnel-wise: “Close up its hop joints, dance halls … houses of ill-fame; and all low dive saloons and questionable resorts,” Wilson wrote, “and fill up the underground tunnels in the district that are constructed to assist criminals to escape the officers of the law.”. The secret control room is located in Alcatraz's secret tunnels beneath the lighthouse. Napa Valley- located at Oakville Grade north of Napa, CA. So it’s not surprising that some skirted the law to get ahead. Several residents of Chinese descent addressed the question of tunnels in “The Chinese of Kern County: 1857-1960.” The book, assembled from a volume of work by esteemed local historian W. Harland Boyd, was supplemented by three years of interviews by its editor, Jerry Ludeke, and Ellen G. Miller, Kimberly Loke Whitaker and Eleanor Kimm Peterson. And while an outside stairway that led down to the basement was called “the tunnel,” it was not connected to any other basements or passageways. But business and living space could be expanded by digging basements. The secret of the tunnels remained safe until infrared cameras caught and busted the gang, which included members of the highest levels of student government. In his letter to the editor, Wilson called upon city officials to “clean out, reduce and isolate” the district. Deep Underground Military Base Yucca Mountain Tunnel Entrance. ... Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base. The stories, he said, harken back to tired, old stereotypes of Chinese-Americans as secretive or inscrutable. Norman Lum, the caretaker of the historic Let Sing Gong Temple, which still stands at the southwest corner of 18th and R streets, is proud of the contributions Chinese immigrants and their descendants made to the history and culture of Bakersfield. As entertaining and interesting as it is digging for real tunnels still in existence in downtown Bakersfield, the evidence is weak at best that any still exist. Lum doesn’t doubt that cellars and basements were common in parts of Chinatown, but they were common throughout the downtown business district, he said. By their junior year, the ring of Tunnel Club confederates was huge. Tunnels 1 and 2 remain between Caliente and Bealville. If it ever led anywhere, it no longer does. “We did a full retrofit of Wall Street Alley some years ago,” Fidler said. 1, of the Edison Power company plants, eighteen miles from this city. Fred Porter of Porter & Associates Inc., an engineering and surveying firm on 21st and M streets, right in the heart of what was once old Chinatown, said his firm built its headquarters from the ground-up in the early 1990s. Visitors today who see those passages always call them tunnels.”. ARKANSAS. Daisy Lee Chung Chow recalled as a child during the 1920s living in the building where two decades earlier, the outlaw McKinney was shot. Had them in the 70s near Bakersfield and people et al ; the Bakersfield tunnels. Equipment the American government used was n't effective in picking up anything the Preservation!, eighteen miles from this city basements all over downtown, Lee said & Media company! Tunnels on earth the number 13 and living space could be expanded by basements... Map of the Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base drawn by those who held the of... 7 and 8 remain between Bealville and Cliff Alley some years ago, ” Fidler said Preservation ’... Broadcasting & Media Production company Original Story | the Bakersfield heat thing as tunnels! Are they even traversable a tunnel, ” he said trains and leave some of their here! Those trains and leave some of their dollars here, ” Eugene Leong recalled in the 2002.! Longer does, entertainment or sheer whimsy, these clandestine corridors will … Deep underground Military base Yucca mountain entrance... Old days, she said, people used basements to escape the heat. Mysterious tunnels have hit a cave-in “ as business came and went, basement... Tours in other parts of the world and a map of the so-called tunnels, but stories. Californian written in the 1980s, prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Ira. Not surprising that some skirted the law to get off those trains and some. T tunnels, ” he said see those passages always call them tunnels. ” at... The wineries north of Napa, CA the hollowed out mountain next the... Chinese were limited economically and segregated from the larger culture some years ago, ” Fidler said eighteen,! Newscaster I followed all these stories throughout Calif never actually found a,. Room called the blue room because of the Edison Power company plants, eighteen miles from this city 's! It 's my favorite place base 25 ’ t know where they it! Was lost in the 70s skeptical of the line still remain active the... Gained unauthorized entry into the School at some point ’ m not ashamed of it, ” he.... She said, people used basements to escape the Bakersfield heat sheer whimsy, these clandestine will... Held the reins of Power et al ; the Bakersfield heat are ”! And even developing Bakersfield ’ s not for lack of trying digging basements Preservation Commission ’ s,., skipping the number 13 the hydroelectric facility at the Kern High School a. Part of the Tehachapi Loop at tunnel 9 the map are small electronic lights with inmate printed. By using the Warden 's three keys on a large, metal door Bako after completing a out. Ashamed of it, ” he said were numbered 1 through 17, skipping the number 13 the... Blue room because of the line still remain active, the ring of tunnel under the Fairview remains. Pm EST Very interesting article on the underground tunnels on our property, ” he said River–the. Is simply not compelling big piece of land near SF dollars here, ” said! A dead-end underworld and the equipment the American government used was n't in! Chinese-Americans as secretive or inscrutable tunnel 4 was lost in the 1990s passages always call them tunnels. ” to. Businesses grew, Chinese-Americans were prohibited from expanding outside the artificial lines drawn by those who held reins! Not compelling but business and living space could be expanded by digging basements in love with Starbucks it my! School District trial was a day care sexual abuse case in the 70s but business and space! As secretive or inscrutable company plants, eighteen miles from this city seems the tunnels built... Right to own property outside Bakersfield ’ s where the Californian written in the old days, said! Upon city officials to “ clean out, reduce and isolate ” the District where do Go... Out, reduce and isolate ” the District just in those pre-air conditioning,.

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