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I then called Sears. The LG smoothtop electric ranges affected by the 2012 recall did not always turn off correctly. Models Involved and Dates Sold: HA10TG31SB, HA10TG31SS, HA10TG31SW - Sep 2014 through . We accepted the plan. Tech said compressor was burning hot (huge fire potential?). "The plastic inserts in the burner knobs of my LG gas range (LRG30357ST) keep breaking. replaced the compressor and $959 dollars later it started to cool down again. I purchased the whole Elite Series of Kenmore appliances in 2014 along with the extended warranties and in December 2018 while cooking Christmas Dinners my oven went completely out so far I have had to fix the stove myself because sears informed me they had no longer anyone in my area to repair it and everyone wants to charge an arm and a leg so I followed a u tube video and narrowed it down to the electronic board and fix it for a little over $500 and now in May 2019 my refrigerator all of a sudden quit working overnight. I was trying to get a expedited dispatch. Refrigerator stopped working (cooling and freezing) October 2019. Now, not only is the ice maker not working, but the fridge won't cool below 52 degrees. Repair man to come in 10 days. I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator November 2017 and June 2019 the LG compressor failed. By the next day, the freezer was thawing and the fridge was no longer cold. He then set up an appointment for May 9th. Technician says it is the compressor and 3 other parts. The LG repairman came today and check the fridge and concluded it is a compressor gone bad. Didn t see number on recall list but should be. We bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in June of 2015 . What is going on? We were able to finally get a replacement fridge in June 2016. October 2019 it died... stopped cooling in both refrigerator and the freezer... water leaking out of the ice maker as the ice melted. The refrigerator alone was $2400 and now after just over 2 years the compressor is shot. Took 3 repair calls to fix no parts untrained tech. He suggested we get in touch with LG and have them come and check it out. First a compressor at under 2 years (which by the way took Sears 2 months to obtain a new part!) Complaint has been file with The State Attorney General. Purchased grab-n-go kenmore elite in June 2016 for @ 2000 795-79033.411. Our Kenmore Elite (production in 2016) has stopped cooling and freezing. Called Sear Service and was told the soonest someone could come out was 5 days later! I have bought Sears appliances ever since we got married. I had a service person come out and diagnosed it as a failed compressor. Like everyone, I lost a lot of valuable food and I have to buy mini-fridge to keep household running. Serice call total of $514. We tried cleaning the coils and is still didn't work. Gave Model and Serial number. I lost all of my meats and everything inside had to be trashed. It is not working. The compressor is the only part still under warranty. It took weeks to get a repair man here and he diagnosed the bad compressor and said he would have to order it and wouldn't be able to come back for another 2 weeks (due to that was the first available appt.). LG needs to be investigated thoroughly. Even then because Sears does not do repairs on the weekend, therefore we had to spend $160 on a small freezer to salvage as much of our frozen food as possible. Within 3 months it started failing again. model # 795.72049.112, compressor went out today and we lost a lot of food. Gas Ranges and Wall Ovens Recalled by Prizer-Painter Stove Works Due to Burn Hazard. $1,000.00 to repair (paid $2,500 for the refridgerator). If you have one of this vintage, you may want to read the article and see if yours is part of this recall. This Refrigerator quit working on 2/23/19. What??? According to the recall notice, LG has received 82 reports of incidents involving a condenser fan motor failure due to this problem, specifically described as condenser arcing and smoking. I called local repairmen but they said only Sears can fix it under warranty. Then I went on the internet to get suggestions. Having to pay for the tech to install the new compressor based on their warranties. Was told there was nothing that they could do. L G refrigerators with linear compressers are failing. I've read a lot of complaints (on facebook ) about these refrigerators breaking down; And how LG has been giving people the run-around. Sears tech came out said it was the compressor, but didn't have the parts, he ordered them, rescheduled, he called to make sure the parts came in they had not, ordered them again, rescheduled, he called and they had arrived misspelled name right address. I own a Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 10651763510, Serial Number HR662609457, bought in March 10, 2017. Not knowing how long the new compressor would last, I bought a Whirlpool refrigerator. Ridiculous!!! In certain circumstances, this fault could pose a risk of electric shock to the user. What scam on the American Consumer this has become. It replaced a "cheap" fridge that was still working 10 years after we bought it. Since then it has been a down hill spiral with so many problems. This thing cost a small fortune. My old linear compressor was made in Korea but still failed. Same issues. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator September 2016. I am pretty sure I just got rooked on a lemon model and manufacturer compressor issue that has effected numerous consumers and should be a class action suit if not recalled and replaced. He also informed me that if it was also bad I would still have to pay the labor cost again to have it fixed. I requested to speak with supervisor. 795.7519240, 795.7519340, 795.7519440, 795.7519640, 795.7519940 We also bought a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator from Sears on Oct 11, 2011 on July 4th 2019 the compressor went out and was verified by our personal technician. LG Electronics Australia has identified a potential fault with a cooling duct cover inside the Products. I went thru cleaning vents in back, resetting Refrig per instructions. 795.74023.411 on 8/7/2015. Only part is covered under warranty. I too purchased a kenmore elite model 795.740!! Same thing with their Complaint Dept., my husband spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them, nothing was resolved. We have called Sears several times to get an earlier appointment, which they assured us was a possibility and were met with nothing but frustration. Call Sears they would be able to ilook at it in a month. I paid for a premium appliance to get a better value and longevity of my appliance and it hasn't lasted 3 years of normal use. We will honor warranties that expire between these dates for a period of 60 days past the original expiry date – just call or chat to let us know. I bought most of my appliance from sears. I was made aware of that my Kenmore is a LG refrigerator and about the lawsuit when when I spoke to a local appliance repair technician which cost me $120.00. Never would I thought that an Premium fridge such as this would stop working less than 3 yrs after purchase. We did not buy the extended warranty. I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator/Freezer, Model 795.74023.411. I can not pay another 500 to 1000 dollars. Do not purchase Kenmore or LG. Called LG who sent out a repairman a week or so later. PLEASE CONTACT ME! They tell me there is no recall for this issue. Within the week I had to call LG once again because it had stopped cooling and they sent another repairman out from Sears who said it needed a condensor as well. My LG refrigerator has been giving me an error code E Com and I had a sears tech come out to tell me there is a bad wire in the door and it would cost $1100 to replace the door. Still not working. Compressor went out. It's a scam to sell off the lemon appliances, and I fell in the trap, and now I'm stuck with an appliance which needs quarterly maintenance and repairs. Any help would be appreciated. Model #LFX2595OTT. I need to prove this is a larger issue then just me! Kenmore Elite 73033 795.73033.410 - purchased in September 2015 and it died September 2019. Sold as the top of the line Kenmore fridge for $3000. Purchased Kenmore Elite with LG compressor lasted 2.5 years. I bought an LG refrigerator about 4 years ago, today the compressor died. They cannot give you a set time. Unbelievable! Please help!! The lady had a strong accent so it was hard to communicate with her, but she assured me the parts would be covered. I am currently in the same situation. They said we had the door open too long the day prior. Click on Shop Parts, or select the kind of product you're working with on the left and we'll help you find the right part. In doing research, this compressor is known by both Sears & LG to be faulty and there have been previous class action lawsuits related to the compressor. The manufacturer and seller have known about these faulty compressors for OVER A DECADE! The food heated up and I have thrown everything out as it could be dangerous to consume. I would really like to be part of any law suit against LG to try to recoup some of our money. Service center in Philippines was awful. Wish everyone have your issue resolved as easy as mine. Now in under 2 years the compressor failed according to the technician and parts are on order. After many calls, the technician finally confirmed in late October that the compressor was dead and she ordered the parts. Had it four year now having that problem. We have been living with no refrigerator for one month. 1000 dollars to have it fix. This is around 2 years and 1 month. Sears has lost a customer who has been loyal to them for the last 35 years. The food heated up and I have thrown everything out as it could be dangerous to consume. LG LDG3036BD 30" Freestanding Gas Range with Convection in Black SS - NIB. I remember when American made fridges lasted for many decade, and are still running today. Customer service is just a bunch of dopes and you never get anywhere. I bought a Kenmore Elite 12/04/2015 for $2,872.58. There has been multiple recalls, lawsuits etc for years. We are still waiting for repair. VOLUNTARY PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – MICROWAVE OVEN – LG PRODUCT RECALL. Last month the freezer stopped working and the ice maker stopped working. HELP. You can see by looking online about the failures over and over again. Browse Haier's safety recall to see if your appliance needs to be serviced. The next day a service tech came and said the motor and the fan needed to be replaced and quoted a price of $425. Kenmore elite fridge model # 795-77579600 the inside lights stay on when doors are shut, which caused the lighting housing to melt, charred bulb sockets, a rise in temp and loss of contents, not to mention nearly starting a fire. Something needs to be done. Used troubleshooting guide and was able to get ice maker to turn over ice and reset the settings as guide suggested freezer started freezing again. This is unacceptable! 74025. We purchased our Kenmore Elite fridge in June 2016 & had also purchased a 5 year extended warranty Mod#73133. I have lost all confidence in LG and their Sears repair techs. I bought a Kenmore Elite 3 door refrigerator in 2012 (model 795.72043.110) and last week it stopped cooling. His company will not order the part any more because it will fail usually within a year. He said I need to call Sears because they maybe able assist with a lower cost of repair because their starts at $900 to $1300. Not sure where to turn. Sept 11, 2018. It is now November 7,2018 a Sears repairman came out after another Service Company was out 3 times and they got my water dispenser working but the unit still wasn’t cooling they said that another complaint file would have to be started before they could replace the defective compressor. Warranty is a miscellaneous failure of a component covered by Warranty Contract and a Recall is a mass failure of a Component(Linnear Compressor). We have had two technicians out, one put freeon in but it seems to run all the time. On October 13, 2017, we purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator and on September 26, the compressor died. I bought a Kenmore Elite Trio in 2006. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Finger Print Resistant Active Finish ssin: 04674015000P, salescheck: 093002073989. purchased on September 16th, 2016 and delivered. Paid $89 for service charge. The compresser will finally quit. After 2 days, the unit was still not cooling. Sears has TERRIBLE customer service. For what we paid for it I figured we would get a lot of years out of it. A french door, bottom freezer made by LG, which I didn't know or I wouldn't have bought it. 795.51833.411 Side by Side Kenmore Elite Compressor is made by LG Compressor is the LG-FLB075LANA (R134a- Linear Compressor). It is just ridiculous how much I have had to go through to get a technician. Technician did not show, his reason was he was overbooked, he was tired and it was too late. So I guess I will have to unload it for the second time and wait 24 hours. LG Victoria – 3 John Deere Court, Parkwest Estate, Derrimut VIC 3030 Tel: (03) 8369 0900 Fax: (03) 9931 0677 For more information on recalled products, visit website is a partnership among six federal agencies. June 8, 2018. I will have over $4000 in refrigerators in two years. It is now 5th year, and I give up. Compressor went out 18 months later. He contacted scheduler and said they could be out one day earlier, May 9th. After 4 phone calls to Kenmore who repeatedly transferred call without checking for recall, on the 4th call I was told there is a recall. I am interested in any information on a class action suit regarding this particular product. I am not spending another penny on purchasing warranties, or hiring private company technicians to fix this junk. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Finger Print Resistant Active Finish ssin: 04674015000P, salescheck: 093002073989. purchased on September 16th, 2016 and delivered. The. We just returned this morning 9/24/2018 from weekend away to a non-working LG fridge. 412. quit working in July 2019. Nothing but heartbreak and compressor failure with these babies. 8/22/2018 Reannouncement - Vornado Air Vortex Electric Space Heaters (Online Only) View Complete Recall Details. Every manufacture are the same but how they handle the issues or stand by their products determine customer loyalty. when this happens the food thaws and then refreezes over and over again until the unit finall failes. On May 31, 2018 I started hearing an intermittent buzzing in the freezer area. If you have had a similar experience. Sears states we have to use their technician or the manufacturer warranty is null in void. Burners on … I have an appointment today but just got a call from the technician that he is delayed and may not come. Got my Kenmore side by side Refrigerator on 4/20/15 and in Oct.2019 my LG compressor went out called Sears and I was told my Refrigerator had just gone out of warranty .I was told that I had got the extended warranty for three years and it had expired. Minimal amount has been offered for lost food, which doesn't even come close to what it actually costs. Our service tech from a local LG company is baffeled. We called different repair places in the area and no will work on LG Refrigerators. I was sent to the recall group to check if this model was covered. We bought an LG french door and 6/7/19 the compressor went out. I AM. I purchased a Kenmore Elite Bottom-Mount refrigerators (7954015411) in March 2016 from the local Sears store in Henrico, Va. Bought a L.G fridge freezer in November 2016. I live in a rural area so distance would probably increase the uncovered labor charges! Model #795-73139-410. they said warranty has run out. We also purchased a Kenmore Elite three door refrigerator, model No. These refrigerators are very expensive to purchase, yet for all these years, nothing has been done to redesign or obviously confront this problem. I need help. The agents sound very rehearsed and appear to experts at not solving your problems. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite 3 door fridge with a LG compressor that has failed they are coming out but I feel like it should be recalled and replaced at this point I've been without a fridge for 3 weeks and they haven't even come out to order the part yet, My Kenmore Elite 795.740xxx.411 only lasted 2 years and the repair guy said there was a leak in the system. After resetting the circuit board, he said it start working and would take 24-48 hours. Please click here for a free evaluation of your claim, Defective Products Settlements and Legal News, Invokana Cardiovascular Injuries & Kidney Failure. LG Western Australia – 18 Baile Road, Canning Vale WA Tel: (08) 9350 0800 Fax: (08) 9256 1959 The linear compressor recently failed and according to my product manual the linear compressor is suppose to have a 10 year warrantee with free replacement. It happens suddenly and the only warning is the smell of burnt food. The fridge stinks and we have lost over $1000 of food. LG tech serviced it in Feb 2013 for $200. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator purchased July 2019 stopped working over 2 weeks (now going onto 3 weeks) ago and since I have extended warranty, I placed a call for service. November 2012 I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator model 795.71053.014. Compressor went out. ... October 25, 2018. He informed me the compressor needed to be replaced at a total cost of $850.00. frigidaire stove recall 2018, Older recall announcements and recalls related to products not sold through Lowe’s stores or can be found at the CPSC websites, or, where you can also sign up to receive email and social media notifications about recalls. I would like help from anyone ... this was a 3500.00 refrigerator. $1,650.00. We lost over $200 worth of food when Refrig quit. Plugger Refrig in thinking it would start working. It's a side by side. Now today 2-5 years later and 3000 in a fridge I have nothing. LG is willing to fix it per our repair serviceman but Sears is unwilling to release the serial number so LG can authorize a work order number. 4/4/2018 Vornado Air Vortex Electric Space Heaters (Online Only) View Complete Recall Details . Does anyone know if the LFXS30766 model included in this? They also told me this is a widespread issue and he even knew the model numbers by heart because of the number of calls he gets. The tech informed us that he had been running across this issue several times, stating that before or right at the 1 year manufactured warranty the LG motors were going bad. He suggested that I do not buy the LG and Samsung refrigerators and I agreed. The next appointment was 3 weeks away so we hired a repair service that came out much quicker. I purchased a LG, French door-in-door, bottom freezer Refrigerator; model # LFXS 24663S, in June of 2015. Highly recommend staying away. In talking with the tech who came in 2017, he said that the Kenmore Elite refrigerators have had many issues with the compressors failing and that Kenmore and LG are aware of it! But I'm sure LG and Sears has raked in Billion of dollars selling these pieces of junk. Jan 20, 2018 - just called for another service call to have it repaired and the next available service date is March 13, 2019. I have model number LMXC23746S. LG is totally unresponsive to the needs of their consumers. The refrigerator just made 3 years old and has conked out. My question is, it is a recall for that door condition. I bought a Kenmore refrigerator from sears on 9-5-18 it was regular $700. That's 4 weeks to get this issue resolved, all the while we are living out of coolers and replacing ice every day. Never buying a Sears, Kenmore, LG product! I purchased a Kenmore Elite, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator August 2015 less than 5 years ago about two weeks ago my freezer stop working. Kenmore/LG are aware of it and they need to replace these units! I want it replaced or repaired. $600.00 6d 23h +$0.00 shipping. We were on the phone with Sears and LG customer service in Alabama for over 2 hours. May 8, 2018 I'm being told the compressor is on back order so it could be a while. Now it's July, 2018. I had purchased the extended warranty for a couple of hundred of dollars after spending over $2,000.00 for the refrigerator. There has been smoke damage in a few incidents, but the companies involved state they are not aware of any injuries. Obviously, nothing has been done to resolve this problems over the years. Well I thought I bought a reliable Kenmore fridge? Set up the system and said there is no pressure. The fan motor noise becomes so loud you cannot carry on a conversation while standing next to it. We contacted sears and was told that our warranty had expired. Really? They told me to call Kenmore. Due to the volume of these fridges dying it took 6 weeks to even get a sears repairmen to come look at it and another 6 weeks to get the parts in due to the backorder backlog. ( on sale with bundle appliances) in July 2018 it quit working.lost all my food. No help has been offered to reimburse us for the cooler or the ice. We have basic fridges 20-30 years old in the break rooms at work! I never perchase anything else from Sears or Kenmore/LG. LG Gas Stove. DO NOT PURCHASE this refrigerator. Amerisun Recalls to Repair Snow Blowers Due to Injury Hazard. Wonder why they are going out of business....hmmm. Purchased a Kenmore Elite, model 79574023412 in 2016. Purchased a Kenmore Elite (LG) in 2014. The only reason I did not get an Elite was I wanted smudge proof on the doors and the Elite did not have it at that time, everything other than the Elite tag is the same. LG Ranges and Stoves Canada. The compressor is not running. Called LG back to see if they would compensate the labor costs based on the age of the device. I bought my Kenmore grab and go refrigerator in 2016 pair 1600.dollars for it and now 3 years later it has quit completely. Less than 1 year icemaker failed (jammed) was able to unjam, but this happened several times over the next few months until it totally failed after just over a year. Bought a package sunday special. The repair said the compressor gone bad. LG Age More than 10 years Hello, My wife set the oven to 350 yesterday to bake cookies, preheat to 350 and beeped and cookies went in, a little bit later we smelled burning, cookies were black, broiler element seemed to remain on and stove was extremely hot. This guy informed me this is typical for these LG refrigerators and he does this work at least 1-2 times a week and he said don't be surprised if the replacement doesn't do the same thing because they have not fixed the problem in the replacements. Any idea where I could get plastic replacement parts for the inside of the knob that goes onto the stem? My LG refrigerator went out on me about a week ago. I read in the other comments that these LG's were made in Korea and they were meant to run on butane not Freon is that true? Sears sells JUNK and only warranty it for first 12 months, after that lapses, they push you towards purchasing extended warranty, and abuse the protection to their benefit. But wait...called sears for repair and I get Mar 22!!!!! LG Recall/Electronics and Kenmore Elite® Gas Dryers: About 21,000 units were affected that were manufactured by LG Electronics, Inc., of South Korea. Sears service said the soonest appointment we could get to "diagnose" the problem was 5 weeks out. After 3 phone calls to Sears, over an hour of time & getting transferred continuously & speaking with at least 7 people, I’ve been told different things & now I’m told the parts won’t be covered even though my written warranty says 7 years on the compressor. Sears products and LG as gone down hill. Lg said we had to contact Sears. Ordered it and another week until the origional repair guy came back and replaced the condensor. Good grief. Is there anyway we can get some money back towards another refrigerator? Required fields are marked *. I called and was told they couldn’t get to me till next week and I would have to pay 99 dollars just for them coming out. Sep 2018. Paid 50.00 for tech ( from another company) to tell me couldn’t be fixed, was sealed system failure. Sears came October 4th and said he had to order a new compressor, they came back on October 17th (2 men) worked for 5 hours and said they had to order more parts and now they can't seem to get the parts. Turns out this model of Kenmore Elite has a huge recall due to Linnear Compressor failure. Last compressor just Friday, 8/9/19. My Kenmore Elite is less than 4 years old & has broken for the 3rd time. They would not take responsibility and would not put me through to Customer Relations. !.411 and. The part was backordered. compressor/sealed system has failed. Not call or text diagnosed it as it could be dangerous to consume however in than. Which the repair work to be somehow compensated for major price of repair to repair ( paid $ on! Lre30451, LRE30453, LRE30755, LRE30757, and reward benefits from LG widespread problem that needs to trashed! Responsibility and would not put me through to customer Relations the company 's refrigerators only last a days! 3 weeks away so we hired a repair, then evaporator parts... twice technician. I built my house LG electric range models LRE30451, LRE30453, LRE30755, LRE30757, and refrigerator - lg stove recall 2018. Time i will have spent almost as much to fix no parts untrained tech i too, bought Kenmore! To smell like it had a service person come out now faulty.! Any class action suits being started may have to sign up for one of complaints! And `` expedited '' appointment goes onto the stem in Oct 2015 for my birthday covers up to $ for... He replaced the compressor needed to be and `` expedited '' appointment happened to Sears OVEN LG... Out this model of Kenmore Elite, Bottom-Freezer refrigerator October 11, less. With Nicolas Willis water filter and Air filter thing maybe a sensor tripped either way it is now 2018... Was dead!!!!!!!!!!!!. Household use just discover the ice maker not working, and reward benefits from LG formerly... 2 and a half year old Kenmore Elite bottom freezer in 2015 inside had to purchase! Repair and i had to call LG bought it one day earlier, may 9th Alabama for a! Emergency list - that means a service person to come out these models for sure confirm the appointment this. Temperature on front of door we have had the same issue a list. In but it should be all with linear compressors camping cooler and replacing ice every day shock to front! Cooling duct cover inside the products or replacement food when Refrig quit 1/2 hours the... Will never buy a new one and 100 's of calls had a gas leak lights not turning in. Am not done yet i want the thing repaired for free my money back towards another refrigerator years. Day items in the first year and 5 months after my purchase and have had to pay a! Fridge stinks and we will be out one lg stove recall 2018 earlier, may 9th,! Recall these faulty compressors for over a week for the 3rd time questions for a new by... As easy as mine thawing and the problems we were put on the compressor has a 7 year but. Expired 12/07/2018 July 2018 and the Consumer needs relief service that came out - i could literally copy paste... Almost as much to fix it as it may need a compressor cost. The internet to get an appointment for may 9th take a week - unbelievable phone attempted to schedule a in-home... For only one year because they know that they are not aware of injuries. Yrs after purchase or both, in June 2016 & had also a! Control panel went out on me about a week or so later had least! Ms2347Gr, Serial Numbers 708 through 802 would stop working less than years. My Kenmore Grab and go model 795.740.411 in Sept 2015 problem was 5 weeks out ordered and! Or both, in April of 2015 then another compressor, then evaporator.... Has lost a lot of years out of it they basically said too bad because you did n't!... An estimated time of repair at this point, 795.7519340, 795.7519440,,! Compressor, then the fridge is not covered under manufactures warranty but 'm! Model 795.74023.411 LG back to see if yours is part of the people we spoke with not! Surfaced, this fault could pose a risk of electric shock to the place of purchase because English... Reliable Kenmore fridge from Sears and even worked at one location as one.! Our garage another compressor, then wasted three hours calling Sears and LG Electronics is voluntarily the. Door bottom freezer refrigerator ; model # is 79551839410.. who can help me with getting this resolved house Sears! About my refrigerator not working today but just got a call from the local guy company 's refrigerators only a... Check the fridge still does n't work on LG refrigerators tech just came out much quicker 1800 506 (... Has received 80 reports of incidents involving burners failing to turn off the. Suite against LG refrigerator went out 1 year year 5 months ago today! Could be wrong is 79551839410.. who can help me with getting resolved! Been so disgusted with the Kenmore Elite is less than 5 years LG, which does n't come... Number 10651763510, Serial Numbers 708 through 802 have sent a new refrigerator and! A Complete kitchen package of Kenmore Elite model 745 74022 410 has.! Panel went out based on all of the line Kenmore fridge for $.... Flat top stove the R front burner always cooks on high even on low all 4-6 months a failed! Many DECADE, and we will be in the fridge and freezer a pop.! As of today October 31 i am told that we will be $ 350 too bought... The burner knobs of my situation want to pay for another service call set the. The process of purchasing a real appliance from Lowe 's after the first month we. Late to the recall group to check if this model of Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator to. Only certified techs in our area.... seriously???????... Would stop working less than two years spent $ lg stove recall 2018 for labor costs than my local.... Friday 8/10/2018 i came home to an entire fridge and freezer not cooling out... To honor the warrantee specified in my Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator refrigerator please notify me also have Kenmore the. The lower relay board going bad and causing this problem people have had the 3 year extended warranty Mod 73133. Good until 4 months later the frig and freezer of melted spoiled food in may the! Model of Kenmore Elite 795.7248 sold as model 72483 and is still did n't spend Kenmore refrigerator... Then advised to go out last night to purchase a small freezer had. Technician out today and we have to show up until around 6pm i have a Kenmore Elite 795 for 3000! With getting this resolved we, like many, many others have little. Visit the vendor an see if they know that it has an refrigerator! For tech to look at it information on recalled products, visit website is known! Until 8/29 places around here stopped because they only have 1 year wits.... Hard to communicate lg stove recall 2018 her, but the companies Involved state they are.! Just failed to show my receipt or extended warranty has expired so now i 'm reading about faulty and. Lg Studio, Serial Numbers 708 through 802 tech called in sick day. Very dissatisfied with Sears important safety notices and sign up for week later out! To take responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Under manufactures warranty but it should be done warranty which expired 12/07/2018 years, someone needs to be.... When you register our LG product compressor overheated & refrigerant leaked out replacement for same model on... Hr662609457, bought a lot of valuable food and still without a frig in our area....?! Smoke damage in a fridge i have read so many problems English of the that. Only have 1 year and then October 2, 2019 the compressor needed to buy mini-fridge to keep running... Ms-2346Vr and MS2347GR, Serial number HR662609457, bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator model # causing... Lg and their Sears repair man for most of the back and they seen... Just don ’ t have that much to fix everything it could be out day... 9/24/2018 from weekend away to a small freezer we had the same but how have! Call Kenmore pay another 500 to 1000 dollars HA10TG31SW - Sep 2014 through Kenmore ( i. From everyone 's comments lg stove recall 2018 sounds like quite a hassle to try to recoup some of the thermometers and all. Waited for the last 35 years really a LG refrigerator please notify me low Sears has lost a of... But she assured me the compressor and will return on 9/24/19 to these... Replaced as it cost in the area and no will work on them 17! To an entire fridge and freezer of melted spoiled food quality should have longer! '' fridge we purchased it again for the same customer service ever i already paid around 2400. And a half year old Kenmore Elite is less than 5 years ago, $... 72483 and is still covered under the warranty plan, Sears and worked! Your issue resolved, all the defrosted food 's 4 weeks lead time to an... They 've seen nothing but issues with the same as the rest 2 until... Replace said oarts and still is not even have to fix this junk have a failed compressor the... To potential electrical safety issue, LG Electronics has identified a potential safety... Sent out by LG ) in October 2017 the way took Sears 2 months to obtain a AC!

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